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How do you prepare a patient to face and fight breast cancer?

Priming healthcare professionals for an honest discussion on diagnosis.

A world leader in the treatment of this cancer, AstraZeneca is committed to encouraging education and fostering innovation in the fight against cancer. To help prepare physicians and medical professionals in discussing breast cancer with their patients, the developed the National Campaign on Breast Cancer initiative, Ariane. Designed for patients already diagnosed, the aim was to provide information to help women face and fight the disease, not prevent.

As with any life-threatening ailment, discussing the realities of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment can be a very personal and complex conversation. Bearing that in mind, Ogilvy PR developed a customizable toolkit for physicians to give a patient to use as a guide, partner and companion in her quest to better understand and confront her condition. Organized into four steps – Announcement, Treatment, Healing and Remission – it takes into account not only therapeutic information, but also the social, psychological and emotional implications the disease has on a patient's life.

Created in collaboration with doctors and patients, Ogilvy PR conducted a series of interviews and focus groups to determine appropriate content, as well as look and feel. As the goal was to make the booklet part of patient’s daily life, it was important that it be designed in a way to be visually appealing, helpful, and empathetic.

In support of its official launch, a national press conference was organized with more than 20 journalists in attendance. Their participation led to comprehensive media coverage in a variety of consumer and trade media including newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and online.