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Is there a cure for the Shrinking Holiday Syndrome?

Citrix Online provides a remote cure for the common ailment.

Citrix Online, a division of Citrix Systems, Inc, is a leading provider of easy-to-use, on-demand applications for remote desktop access, web conferencing and collaboration. Its Simpler Is Better™ approach to empowering business productivity online offers small and mid-sized businesses, consumers and professionals a cost-effective and secure way to access and interact with information, customers, partners and employees when away from their computers. Looking to elevate the awareness of their brand and products, they turned to Howorth to develop a clever and compelling reason for engaging with the media and their potential customers.

Although many employees swear they will never fall into the trap of going to work while on vacation, many do. In fact an independently commissioned survey revealed that three out of four full-time workers in Australia were called into the office during their days off or and holidays. It sounded to Howorth like a clear case of the Shrinking Holiday Syndrome, a stressful condition resulting from the inability to take care of work issues remotely combined with the trauma of physically having to travel into the office during days off. It was time to alert the public.

The first step was to arrange and manage an independent research survey of 468 full time workers in Australia to learn about their working behaviors on the days they on their days off and holidays. The team strategically scheduled the press release to be launched on Monday, December 4th, at the start of the work week and close to the holidays.  Dr. James Cowley, an expert on work/life balance, was secured to support the research and encourage organizations to adopt remote working technologies like Citrix Online’s GoToMyPC to help alleviate the problem.

In one week, the Shrinking Holiday Syndrome campaign received over 89 media placements in some of Australia’s most visible media outlets, including the TV news program “Today Tonight”, the online news portal ninemsn, the popular radio talk show “2GB” and The Daily Telegraph.