Campaign Expertise

Precision scales brand Kern & Sohn, with a USP of calibrating scales for local gravity, gained exposure to 350 million people in 152 countries through the creative combination of little-known gravitational facts and a travelling garden gnome. We brought science to life, sparking global conversation, increasing visitors to Kern’s corporate site by 256%, and igniting discussion of a topic most would have given no more than a fleeting thought; scales and the accuracy of measurement.

Kern challenged us to make the company stand out in highly commoditised education and scientific markets, where brand recognition is low.

Sending a gnome and a set of branded scales around the world and encouraging Kern’s target audiences to participate, our Gnome Experiment charted the effect of gravity on the gnome’s weight by location. Through Kern websites, blogs, social and traditional media, we brought Kern’s USP into the spotlight, reaching new audiences and actively engaging key targets.

With a limited budget, we delivered an influencer and media engagement campaign that took Kern from laboratories into people’s daily lives. Millions learned about gravity, tens of thousands shared our content, and thousands joined the experiment. Lauded by Oxford scholars and science geeks alike, sales increased by 11% and delivered an ROI of 1042% on distributor sign-ups. Schools globally are incorporating Kern’s experiment into their lessons, it has been a TED presentation and will become a feature article in National Geographic.

Kern has become the world’s most talked about precision scales company.