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Is it possible to make a brand steeped in history hot to a new generation of tea drinkers?

Lipton Tea asks young consumers to Rethink the Drink.

Lipton came to Ogilvy PR with a very clear challenge—to make Lipton Tea hot with tea’s cool crowd of younger consumers. They wanted PR to play a part in its overall brand transformation to make the brand relevant - both in terms of the changing nutrition landscape, as well as ‘steeping’ the brand in pop culture.

Today’s consumers think more about what they eat and less about what they drink. Research showed that Americans consume an estimated 25 percent of their daily caloric intake through liquid calories, while it should only be about 10 percent. The idea to Rethink the Drink worked functionally and emotionally by linking the brand with the health benefits of tea and infusing it into pop culture with young influencers.

To get media, influencers and consumers talking about Lipton, Rethink the Drink was developed as a two-part campaign, Healthy Beverage Guidelines and the Lipton Pyramid Tea Party.

Using renowned nutrition expert Dr. Barry Popkin and a panel of experts, The Healthy Beverage Guidelines highlighted the health benefits of this ancient beverage, and positioned Lipton as a leader, committed to revolutionizing the way Americans perceive beverages in their diet. The launch of the Healthy Beverage Guidelines included media outreach, paid advertisement, the development of a micro site, and direct mail aimed at registered dieticians. A parallel campaign targeted the Hispanic community, with Spanish-language media.

Next, Ogilvy PR executed the Lipton Pyramid Tea Party, a chic, stylish, sensory-packed event that brought the premium product positioning to life and contemporized the brand and the traditional tea drinking experience. The New York City event was hosted by Golden Globe nominated actress and singer, Emmy Rossum and invitations were extended to celebrities, fashion influencers, Gen Art members and target media. Lipton partnered with the nonprofit organization, Youth Aids, in order to secure media, celebrities and public interest. An exclusive story with The New York Times was secured and then extended to additional media targets following the event through creative deliveries, premium press kits and desk side visits.

The Healthy Beverage Guidelines was a groundbreaking initiative that generated 50 million+ media impressions, including coverage in CBS Early Show, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, Washington Post, Allure, Health, The New York Times and Consumer Reports. The Healthy Beverage Guidelines was the centerpiece of a retail promotion at Target that enabled the brand to have a much bigger presence on the selling floor. In addition, the Healthy Beverage Guidelines are regularly quoted (both with and without Lipton branding) in food and nutrition stories, further validating Lipton’s leadership. The Lipton Pyramid Tea Party was attended by over 500 of the Big Apple’s glitterati including celebrities such as Emmy Rossum, Tori Spelling, Miss Universe, Miss Teen USA and supermodel Karolina Kurkova.