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  • April Scott
  • EVP, Head of Social@Ogilvy New York
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At a time when they’re being told to grow up, teens admire those who subvert the expected into something playful.

Fanta has a playful ethos: “More Fanta. Less Serious.” encapsulated in an integrated campaign running in 190 markets. On Facebook however, Fanta had 2,500,000 fans with an average of 286 interactions per post. Our engagement was okay, but not great. We needed teens to engage with something they authentically wanted to share.

When Fanta was invited to launch Facebook Timeline, we saw an opportunity to do more than just showcase our heritage. We saw the chance to play a game.

● No recipe for how Timeline would affect sharing
● No media support
● A new Facebook format that was being defined daily

On February 29th 2012, we launched “Lost in Time”, a game that flung four Fanta characters out of the cover photo and into the past.

We challenged fans to find and ‘Like’ them back to the future. They had to solve clues to deduce which year the characters were lost in, find the photo in Timeline and ‘Like’ it. Once the number of ‘Likes’ matched the year they were hidden in – WHAM – they were restored to the cover photo.

This was pure Timeline functionality; no media or incentives and led to praise from Facebook and won us #1 Best Use of Facebook Timeline from Mashable.

Engagement rose by 114% and we received over 45 Million organic + viral impressions – purely because the world played.