Adidas:How do you turn young people on to a forgotten sport?
ALDE Civil Liberties Campaign:Raising Awareness of Civil Liberties
AMCOR:How do you get the green light from employees for implementing energy-efficient practices?
American Chemistry Council:How do you build a reputation for an industry by demonstrating how essential their products are to our lives?
Astra Zeneca:How do you prepare a patient to face and fight breast cancer?
Barbie's 50th Anniversary:
BlueScope Steel (BSS):
BP's Team USA: The Comeback:How do you reverse brand perception?
California Department of Education:How do you communicate to parents the importance of quality child care?
California Office of Traffic Safety:
California Public Utilities Commission:How do you connect underserved populations to affordable phone access?
CDW:Is it possible to create a platform for visibility using unique points of view?
Center for Disease Control and Prevention | Screen for Life:How do you increase colorectal screening rates among Americans aged 50 and older?
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | HIV at Work:How do you overcome stigma and leverage the power of business and labor in the fight against HIV/AIDS?
Citrix Online:Is there a cure for the Shrinking Holiday Syndrome?
Department of Homeland Security:How do you prepare the leaders of today for the crises of tomorrow?
Donate Your Facebook Timeline for World Alzheimer's Day:How do you help the public understand the effects of Alzheimer's Disease?
European Commission:How do you highlight the past, present, and future of European research?
European Commission, Directorate - General Environment:
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA):How do you surge awareness for a natural disaster that most homeowners and businesses believe will never impact their lives?
FreightCorp:How do you prepare a workforce for an imminent change in ownership?
Goodyear: A Lifetime Commitment to Safety:How do you ignite a discussion on safety while other companies avoid it?
Google+ Same Sex Marriage:How do you allow same-sex couples to marry in France when the law says you can't?
Health Service Executive and safefood:
HHS Pandemic Influenza:How do you convince community leaders not accustomed to responding to health crises to prepare for tomorrow’s influenza pandemic?
Huggies Every Little Bottom:How do you raise awareness of "diaper need," an unknown issue?
IBM Mr. BAO:How do you make Business Analytics & Optimisation (BAO) exciting to business leaders?
Kern & Sohn: The Gnome Experiment:How does a precision scales company stand out in highly commoditised education and scientific markets, where brand recognition is low?
LensCrafters:How do you transform a company’s brand image from discount retailer to a purveyor of style?
Lipton: Rethink the Drink:Is it possible to make a brand steeped in history hot to a new generation of tea drinkers?
Lost In Time:How does a fun-centric brand help launch Facebook Timeline?
Louis Vuitton:How can bloggers bring a new brand message to consumers?
Making Nestlé Top BenNaNa in China:How does a fun, unusual ice cream stand out in the crowded Chinese summer treats category?
Mexico: The Place You Thought You Knew:How do you change Mexico's perception from a drug cartel to a world-class tourist and investment destination?
Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation and the Federal Medical Biological Agency (FMBA):
Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation: Convening the industry to find a cure for cancer:
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI):How do you make women care about cardiovascular health — when they think it’s a "man’s disease"?
National Kidney Disease Education Program:How do you urge high risk Americans to talk to their doctor about chronic kidney disease?
NexCen Brands:How do you transform a company “spokescow” into an udderly fashionable icon?
Pambassador 2012 - Into the Wild With Chengdu Pandas:How do you build awareness of Chengdu globally as a top tourist and investment destination?
PROEXPORT Colombia: Defining the Next Chapter:
Provinzial: The iPad-Magazine Hier:How can a German insurer reach young audiences?
Qantas:How do you convince a red kangaroo to go green?
Scrabble®: “W” for Winner – It’s Your Word Against Ours!:How do you build excitement for the Scrabble world championship?
Unilever:What can a “yummy-mummy” and her team of Comfort-eers do for a fabric softener?
University of Chicago :How do you make Washington recognize the important contributions of a university-directed research lab?
Virgin America:An in-flight wedding, a star-studded entourage, and plenty of Vegas style – how else do you help a provocative airline take flight?
Welcome to the Global Collaboratory: Global Food Security:How does a respected global collaborator in food security shed its "chemical company" reputation?

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