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Richard Lukstat
Executive Vice President, Group Head
Creative Studio
E-mail | 202-729-4173
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We start with research and strategy. We finish with results. What happens in-between is where the magic lies.

Yes we do that:

  • Brand Development
  • Brand Identity
  • Public Education PSA Development – TV, Radio, Internet & Print
  • Business-to-business Advertising – TV, Radio, Internet & Print
  • Issues Advertising
  • Conference and Trade Show Design
  • Community Action Kit Development
  • Disruptive Media
  • Corporate and Brand Film Development
  • Video Development
  • Paid and PSA Media Strategy, Planning & Buying
  • Event Launch, Design & Management
  • Need something else? Chances are, we do that, too.

Why we’re different

The big idea isn't much of an idea if it doesn't accomplish your objectives. But the opposite is the sweet spot you're looking for. That's where we live. We call it "strategic creative," and it's a fine line to walk – push the creative envelope with the idea that gets people talking, but always make sure it delivers the message, brand, or call to action that drives results. This perspective informs everything we do, and it's a big reason why our award-winning work has proven effective time and time again.

The Creative Studio commands the current communications landscape, which just means that the clear lines between marketing, public relations, advertising, and digital have blurred. Making sure a campaign, or brand, or marketing initiative works across media is the price of admission for any communications initiative, and The Studio offers an in-house team to answer that challenge. With an integrated approach that includes all media, we concept and build outreach that is simply more effective – your brand will be stronger, your advertising more impactful, your word-of-mouth campaign will have greater reach, and you'll get that earned media.

Why you should care

Our work works. It gets results. It delivers. We won't ask you to judge it just on its looks, or its smarts, but also whether it got you where you wanted to go. Creativity just to be creative gets us nowhere, our artistic id is fueled by planned, defined measurements of success and of course, awesome, cool, amazing product. Partner up with us and hang on. If you match our drive with some courage, we'll win together every time.