Q & A with Luca Penati - Technology

Luca Penati, Managing Director
Global Technology Practice
E-mail | 414-677-2705

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1. What is it that differentiates how Ogilvy approaches technology?

Our clients are in high-impact, high-growth, high-interest sectors, and they need an agency partner that goes beyond typical technology public relations.

Ogilvy provides a strong, core team that understands technology so that our clients do not have to invest time or money to teach us about their industry. At the same time, we're not just technology specialists. We provide a blended approach with our practices, which means on any given project we may have the best corporate communications people, the best people from consumer practice, the best people from government relations and public affairs... We integrate people from different practices to bring a deep, vertical industry understanding and an unparalleled creativity to our clients.

In addition to that, our technology staff brings a refreshing curiosity and passion to their work. They love technology and working in technology PR, but they see the power in going beyond, to exploring their own viewpoints and looking for ways in which technology can deliver advantages. This differentiation inspires great thinking from our staff, and superior results for our clients.

2. What is Ogilvy's greatest asset or edge in helping clients?

Our strong, flexible global network is our greatest asset in helping clients achieve their goals. Our technology practice operates with technology PR professionals in more than 60 offices around the world, from the Bay Area to APAC, and with over 25 offices across EAME. That unrivaled network, in combination with our expertise in Digital Lifestyle, Global Connectivity, Enterprise Technology, and Semiconductor Technology, allows us to support client communications needs in a way that other PR agencies cannot.

3. How are you an Ogilvy person?

An Ogilvy person is entrepreneurial, is smart, is able to take risks, is flexible and well-connected, and is a team player, with a global sense of what's happening in their field. I am an Ogilvy person because, along with my colleagues, I believe passionately that our people make a difference to clients.