Q & A with Sandra Saias - Product Marketing

Sandra Saias, EVP
Global 360° Channel Planning
E-mail | 312-397-6075

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1. What is it that differentiates how Ogilvy approaches product marketing? What is it Ogilvy knows how to do that other companies do not?

At Ogilvy, we have a deep understanding of not just our clients, but also consumers. We really excel at putting ourselves in consumers' shoes: why do they need this information that we're trying to communicate to them? We don't just think of communications in a PR way; we think, "How does this consumer live, and how does this consumer take in information? And how do we engage and affect that process?"

In addition, our team is so diverse and comprehensive. Our product marketing expertise, combined with our broad experience in lifestyle marketing, retail, food, entertainment, travel, corporate, public affairs and technology, enables us to create and execute strategic marketing and communication programs that drive measurable results for our clients. And yet with all that experience, we have a boutique approach -- we're committed to senior level involvement in all aspects of program creation and implementation.

2. What is your process for developing ideas for your clients?

We use Ogilvy's "butterfly process", which starts with putting yourself in the shoes of your clients. We try to understand what our clients go through every day, their business and market challenges, the landscape they deal with, the competitors, what's happening today and what could evolve in the future. Through this process we try to become them, in a way, to help them solve their problems.

Through this research, we get a couple of "A-ha!" moments and insights that help to drive the strategic process and the big idea. Ogilvy does that better than any other agency I know.

Then, via our 360° PR Brand Stewardship® program, we take these big ideas and use them to reach target audiences at multiple points of influence, to amplify the brand and strengthen the brand relationship.
Rather than focusing solely on media that covers the client's product category, we reach out to consumers where they're seeking news and information. That could be via a consumer press, business outlets, women's books, senior publications, sports outlets, family magazines, health publications, affluent lifestyle books, or other broad ranging print, broadcast and online media vehicles.

3. What makes you proud about saying you work for Ogilvy?

I'm proud to be part of the strategy and planning group. It's our job to infuse creativity and strategy into every current and future client prospect. I love the fact that there isn't a single department at Ogilvy that can't call on us to help them develop a program for clients. In a sense it's a free resource to the company, and I think it's really unique to Ogilvy.

I'm also proud to work with our 360 partners, both in the Ogilvy world and the WPP world. Our partnerships give us both depth and breadth, and set us apart in retail marketing. Our global reach means that we have the access, resources and a diverse perspective to fully service a product brand.