Q & A with Nicky McHugh, Executive Director

Nicky McHugh, Executive Director, Corporate
E-mail | 212-880-5200

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1. What is Ogilvy's greatest strength [or "asset", or "edge"] in helping clients?

Ogilvy Financial is a specialty group serving publicly-traded companies, the financial institutions that serve them and institutional investors who scan the markets for strong performers. We provide clients with senior team leadership that is committed to execution and results that matter, with a real focus on research and tracking success against benchmarks.

2. What are some of the challenges clients face, and how does Ogilvy address them?

Our investor relations clients face communications challenges communicating myriad corporate events, including quarterly earnings, the initial public offering (IPO) process, M&A transactions, and ongoing IR activities. We address each situation uniquely and with the expertise that comes from our specialized practice. We work closely with our clients to craft investment themes/messages that succinctly and effectively articulate the company’s value proposition. Our goal is always to develop a clear understanding of management's strategy and future goals among all key audiences.

3. What is it that differentiates how Ogilvy approaches investor relations (IR)?

Investor relations can no longer be managed in a silo, as investors, employees, customers and the media all influence one another. Today, IR is another function of brand building. The Ogilvy difference is that we believe in a fully integrated approach to financial communications designed to bridge the gap between management strategies and market expectations. Our IR team combines professionals with specialties in finance, investor relations, corporate communications and media relations, and we have a deep understanding of the markets.