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Photo of Jennifer WaymanJennifer Wayman, MHS
Managing Director
Social Change
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Inspiring Individual and Social Change

Ogilvy Public Relations is proud to have worked with clients at the forefront of social change for nearly 30 years. Together, we seek to advance personal and public health and safety, and address complex social and environmental issues across the globe.

We are best known for translating research-based insights into creative campaigns that capture attention, frame agendas, and make a real difference in sparking positive behavior change. These campaigns require us to find the right balance between theory and practice and to devise innovative approaches that have significant impact.

From AIDS to obesity, substance abuse to biodiversity, heart disease to personal finance and disaster preparedness to bullying, we take great pride in helping our clients craft and implement solutions that protect and improve lives.

Deep Insights, Broad Impact

Thanks to decades of award-winning work on a broad range of programs, we are skilled in creating the messages, creative platforms and strategies that move people from unawareness or disinterest about important issues to adopting and sustaining more beneficial behaviors.

We know how to use research to develop the right programs and messages for diverse target audiences. We know how to build strategic alliances and organize comprehensive, nationwide efforts that involve a multitude of diverse partners. We know how to think creatively and act quickly to capitalize on unanticipated opportunities. We have proven time and again that we can successfully manage all aspects of complex communications programs and deliver meaningful and measurable results.

Among our many initiatives, we have: prompted millions of Indonesian moms to wash their hands with soap to prevent diarrhea among their children; engaged school children across Australia in water conservation; and increased rates of blood donation in Russia. We also have turned a Red Dress into a movement for women’s heart health in the U.S.—an innovative, creative idea that has sparked replication in many countries, including Argentina, Canada, Portugal, and the U.K.

Across the globe, we have highly skilled social change professionals who are trained and experienced in behavioral economics, behavioral and social science, public health, public safety, risk communication, research and evaluation, conservation and sustainability, journalism, and policy, systems, and environmental change.

These professionals work in partnership with our clients—government agencies, associations, foundations, non-profits, and corporations—to devise and apply creative solutions that help make the world a better place.