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Lisa Ross
Executive Vice President, Cause Advocacy
E-mail | 202-557-0845
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Our targeted approach to reaching diverse audiences goes beyond the demographics of age, race, gender and health status but also includes socioeconomic dimensions, the psychology of the individual and the manner in which he or she lives. We take into account what you think and how you access information; what motivates you; how you see the world; and, how you view your place in it.

Ogilvy has more than 20 years experience designing and executing multifaceted public affairs, public education and marketing campaigns. We have advised Fortune 100 CEOs, Republican and Democratic Administration officials, foreign governments and non-profit organizations on best ways to reach diverse audiences. What we've learned informs our beliefs - that audiences are diverse by nature. Everyone's needs, desires and ambitions are fundamentally the same. How you engage/tap into those emotions will vary - some by message, most by messenger. Our award winning body of work is a testament to this belief and our nation as a whole.