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Technology marketers and public relations professionals have been and continue to find themselves in a new age of public relations. The technology market has always been a creature of rapid change, but now the media and influencer environment surrounding that market finds itself mirroring that same rate of change and evolution. As traditional technology media migrates online, tech pages in major business media outlets are shrinking and new influencers are being recognized in bloggers and podcasters. Ogilvy PR understands this new media and content-driven environment, as well as how to leverage these changes to reach and engage key audiences in new and powerful ways.

We understand that technology marketers need an agency that understands their market and technology with little or no ramp up. We provide this through the depth and breadth of specific knowledge and expertise we have accumulated. What we offer above and beyond this is something most technology communications agencies do not: the opportunity to pull in public relations experts from other areas and backgrounds, including reputation management, issues management, public affairs, environmental communication, corporate social responsibility, consumer marketing, digital influence, entertainment and vertical marketing (i.e. healthcare, government, financial services). Our clients value the combined thinking made possible by blending disciplines and perspectives within our teams. We believe it is critical to understand technology, but also, to think beyond.

The Ogilvy name is synonymous with building brands. It’s at the core of who we are. Clearly, brands matter when technology companies are marketing their products and/or services directly to end-customers. But brands also matter for enabling technologies with very narrow customer targets. Corporate reputations factor into purchase decisions for b-to-b and “ingredient brands,” making strategic brand-building essential even when you are marketing semiconductors or datacenter services.

The Ogilvy PR technology team has served a vast list of technology market categories and our professional staff brings an impressive range of assignments with their own individual experience sets. Our primary areas of focus and specialized knowledge are consumer electronics, digital lifestyle, digital business, enterprise hardware and software, IT infrastructure and services, clean tech and semiconductor. In addition, we have an unparalleled track record helping clients navigate the world of user generated content and digital discussion by creating digital forums and presenting subject matter that propel conversation both on- and off-line.

While our clients range from start-up firms to Fortune 500 corporations, they generally have several things in common. They operate within high-impact, high-growth, or high-interest sectors, and they need an agency partner that goes beyond traditional technology public relations.

Our Technology practice operates in more than 60 offices around the world. We offer an unrivaled communications bridge connecting the Bay Area and APAC, in addition to more than 25 countries across EMEA. Clients such as Intel, LG Electronics, Savvis and SONY have found value in working with Ogilvy PR across multiple regions. We support global client needs, whether rapid expansions or carefully-paced new market entrances.