Dynamics of Cause Engagement Study

Ogilvy's Social Change experts developed the Dynamics of Cause Engagement study in partnership with Georgetown's Center for Social Impact Communications with the objectives of showcasing trends in cause involvement and evaluating the role of a variety of activities in fostering engagement. The 2011 study explored a range of dynamics, including the causes in which Americans are most engaged, how Americans become engaged in causes, how the digital revolution has impacted the way the engage and demographic trends in cause involvement.

Supporting Our Troops and Feeding the Hungry

Nearly two in five Americans are personally involved with supporting our troops and feeding the hungry, and believe these will remain the most prominent causes in 2011

Women Are Strongest Believers in the Power of Supporting Causes

8 in 10 American women believe that supporting causes creates a sense of purpose and meaning in life; and feel everyone can make a difference through their support

Social Media Plays Greater Role in Cause Engagement For African Americans and Hispanics

African Americans and Hispanics are significantly more likely than Caucasians to engage with and learn about social issues and causes through social media

Personal Word-of-Mouth, TV Still Inform Cause Engagement Most Among Generation Y

Family, Friends and TV programs trump blogs and social networking as the main sources of information about causes and social issues for Americans age 18-29

Involvement in Causes Can Trigger Individual Behavior Changes

More than half of Americans say they have changed their health, civic, environmental or social behavior because of their involvement in a cause

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