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Ogilvy PR Brussels strikes gold at 2012 IBIS Awards taking home a double win

Brussels, June 6, 2012 - Ogilvy Public Relations Brussels is very proud to announce that it has won two prestigious IBIS Awards, taking home the Golden IBIS award as well as the IBIS Award in the Public Affairs category. The IBIS awards crown the best communication campaigns carried out in Belgium, with Ogilvy being awarded Gold for its awareness-raising campaign about Alzheimer's disease “Memory Problems/Geheugenproblemen”, and for its Public Affairs campaign “All to Nagoya”.

About the campaign “Memory Problems/Geheugenproblemen”

The campaign was developed for Pfizer and aimed at informing about the importance of recognizing early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. People often don’t know what Alzheimer’s disease is and find the topic difficult to discuss with their loved ones. The campaign therefore called on the responsibility people feel to take care of their loved ones, empowering them to take action through a website (memory problems) with a questionnaire asking if they noticed various memory loss symptoms. This could then be used as a conversation starter when visiting a GP. This campaign was conducted in collaboration with several organizations including the Alzheimer Vlaamse Liga and the Expertisecentrum Dementie Vlaanderen. It also received the support of actress Andrea Croonenberghs, whose mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease eight years ago.

About the campaign "All to Nagoya"

In October 2010 the 10th International Conference of the Convention on Biological Diversity took place in Nagoya, Japan. At that time Belgium was holding the position of Presidency of the European Union, and Belgium, represented by the Flemish Minister of Environment, Schauvliege, would therefore play an important role during this summit. WWF-Belgium wanted Belgian and EU politicians to negotiate an ambitious agreement on biodiversity, knowing they had the support of citizens behind them. Ogilvy took everyone to Japan, symbolically, with the first online petition in the form of a virtual plane. People could book their place aboard the virtual flight to Nagoya. The results of the online petition were then submitted to the Minister, in the form of a boarding pass with the number of people joining her symbolically, immediately prior to her departure for Nagoya.

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