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Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide (Ogilvy PR) Launches Social Media RSS Dashboard for PR and Marketing Pros

Partnering with Netvibes, the service provides an always updated dashboard of what is happening in social media

Washington, DC, January 8, 2009 - The Daily Influence ( delivers Social Media, Word of Mouth, Public Relations and Marketing news and information updates into a single interface. Marketers can customize one view to serve as a simple “listening post-lite” for their brand or their client to know what people are saying in consumer generated media.

The service was developed by Ogilvy PR’s 360° Digital Influence team in partnership with Netvibes, the ultimate RSS reader and widget platform. Netvibes universal widget architecture (UWA) made it simple to develop The Daily Influence as a best-collection of RSS feeds that can easily be customized by communications and marketing pros to be as useful as possible. Netvibes pioneered the concept of personalized startpages and maintains one of the largest widget networks in the world.

The Daily Influence is being rolled out to all staff within Ogilvy PR as a core digital tool and is now available to clients and other marketing and PR professionals. The Netvibes-powered service provides an always updated dashboard of what is happening in social media. It delivers a heads-up display for communications to every PR expert within the company.

What is it:

• The Daily Influence ( delivers Social Media, Word of Mouth, Public Relations and Marketing news and information updates into a single interface.

• It is a collaboration between Ogilvy PR’s 360° Digital Influence team and Netvibes, and is built on the Netvibes Universe platform.

• The Daily Influence is an always-on digital dashboard that gives PR and marketing professionals an edge managing their brands


John Bell, Managing Director, 360° Digital Influence, Ogilvy PR

“Especially in today’s economy, marketers need every edge they can get managing their brands and business. The Daily Influence is a heads-up display for marketing in the social Web. It delivers real-time news, best-practice cases, and a simple collection of utilities that will help professionals listen to what is being said about their topics and brand.”

“We wanted to give ourselves and our clients a smart utility that made it easier to track social media, get fresh ideas and be engaged with social media. Netvibes is a terrific company and hands-down the best platform for this.”

Our team members- 360° Digital Influence – are terrific social media experts. And the best way to stay that way is to share learning and expertise across our team, our clients and even other PR and marketing pros. That’s what The Daily Influence provides – a social media edge that helps everyone.”

Chris Damsen, VP Business Development, Netvibes

“The Daily Influence represents the next evolution of personalized media workspaces, enabling marketing professionals to quickly monitor and manage their daily digital lives at a glance. Ogilvy’s lifelong industry experience and hand-picked content, plus the personalization features of Netvibes, combine to deliver an incredibly relevant media experience tailored to fit both the industry and the individual.”


Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Founded in 2001, Ogilvy PR’s 360° Digital Influence creates and executes social media-driven word of mouth marketing strategy for clients worldwide. The 360° Digital Influence team engages with influencers and communities to drive participation, sharing, co-creation and authentic word of mouth – the most trusted and efficient form of communication today. Based upon the Digital Influence Strategy Platform, all programs deliver on sustained word of mouth and are evaluated via the Conversation Impact model. 360° Digital Influence has activated fans and word of mouth for brands such as, Lenovo, Unilever, National Institutes of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Founded in 2005, Netvibes pioneered the personalized startpage as alternative to traditional web portals. Today, Netvibes helps the world’s top brands, marketing agencies and developers create cross-platform widgets, guarantee widget distribution and installation across a global audience of widget users on, and deploy custom branded widget startpage portals within their own Web properties. A global leader in widget marketing technologies and services, Netvibes has offices in Paris, London and San Francisco. For more information, visit