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ICCO Summit

Event Date: October 11, 2013

Ogilvy PR's global CEO Christopher Graves will give the final presentation at the ICCO Summit in Paris, France: "Five Forces that Will Rock Your Business" and SPN Ogilvy CEO Andrey Barranikov will speak on a panel titled "Going Global: Building an International Network" (descriptions below).

"Five Forces that Will Rock Your Business"
Come get a tornado of a whirlwind tour of 5 forces you’ll need to get a handle on, led by Ogilvy Public Relations Global CEO, Christopher Graves.

First, the Hollywood-style production values of “hacktivism” and “brandjacking” meet the power of satire to take on your client’s brand and reputation. How should you counsel your client to react?

Second, "SoLoMo"--the mashup of social, location, and mobile will bring a whole new breed of consumption that is more than the sum of all three. Get a vision of what it looks like in use.

Third, from sharing bicycles to cars, dresses to power tools, rooms to golf clubs and even shared venture capital. The “Sharing Economy” is here. It’s not a fad and it is changing the way young consumers view purchases and brands.

Fourth, the emergence of neuroscience findings through better tools, coupled with better behavioral economics understanding is leading to a much deeper understanding of how humans shape opinions, make decisions and feel toward your clients’ brands. After a century of shooting in the dark, we can now leverage social and behavioral science to attain better outcomes through stories that grab you by the brain.

Fifth, agencies and their clients are rushing headlong into a “Content Frenzy.” Every company is told it is now a media company and must “think like a publisher.” But in the frenzied rush, some key truths may be overlooked and frictions and controversies will erupt as what passes for “content” may fool consumers and backfire with brands.

"Going Global: Building an International Network"
Even for the most successful independent agency operating within the comfort zone of its geographical location can be unnerving. The prospects of losing a good client who wants international PR exposure are an increasing danger in the globalised world.

Are there any alternatives to costly mergers, or loss of managerial control following an acquisition by an international giant?

Each of the panelists comes from an independent agency background, and all of them expanded their operations globally without resorting to these extreme measures. Their case studies will prove that you can grow your international capabilities whilst preserving your agency's identity and decision-making power.

ICCO Summit