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Mission Critical Water Virtual Summit

Event Date: March 2, 2011

The Mission Critical Water Virtual Summit is a wake up call for global business.

In addition to raising awareness, the Mission Critical Water Summit will present actionable strategies, solutions, best and next practices to determine how best to minimize water footprint, ensure the sustainability of water supply and to understand the impact of Business operations on available water resources.

Delegates to the Mission Critical Water Virtual Summits will understand how to:

Measure the company's water footprint (i.e., water use and water discharge).
Assess the principal regulatory and reputational risks associated with their water footprint.
Align findings with the company's energy and climate risk assessments.
Engage key stakeholders (e.g., local communities, NGOs, government, suppliers, employees) as a part of the water risk assessment, long-term planning and implementation activities Integrate water issues into strategic business planning and governance.
Disclose and communicate water performance and associated risks.

Managing Director Michael Law will speak at the event.

Mission Critical Water Virtual Summit