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Ogilvy Brussels honoured with 2 European Excellence Awards 2012

Brussels, December 10, 2012 – Ogilvy Brussels was awarded two European Excellence Awards last week in a ceremony held in London, UK to recognize the best communication campaigns across Europe. Receiving the highest number of campaigns shortlisted of any Belgian agency, Ogilvy Brussels took home awards in the categories “Best Issues & reputation management campaign” for the Belgian Pharmacists’ Association (APB) and “Best Social media campaign” for Alzheimer’s Disease International. Ogilvy Brussels is the only Belgian agency to receive a European Excellence Award this year.

The European Excellence Awards are hosted by Communication Director, the magazine for Corporate Communications and Public Relations, and honour outstanding performance in a wide range of categories, from internal communications to public relations, as well as a wide range of industries from all across Europe.

Koen Van Impe, CEO Ogilvy Group Belgium, said, “We’re proud to be awarded these honours by our peers in the communications industry. The campaigns demonstrate the effectiveness that can be achieved when the walls between communication disciplines are torn down and integration is allowed to flourish.”

About the campaigns

Campaign: “Lights Out: First ever national ‘strike’ by pharmacists in Belgium”
Category: Best Issues & reputation management campaign

The Belgian Government announced severe austerity measures affecting pharmacies in Belgium. The Belgian Pharmacists’ Association (APB), representing 90% of independent pharmacists, feared for pharmacists’ future, quality of patient service and day-to-day work. Ogilvy Brussels helped APB organize the first ever nationwide protest by pharmacists. On April 26th, all pharmacies in Belgium were encouraged to turn off their neon cross signs, an iconic symbol of the profession. A majority of pharmacists took part in the protest and the action led to extensive media hits. Campaign posters and a patient leaflet for pharmacists were developed with Ogilvy Healthcare in order to explain the action to the general public.

Campaign: “Donating FB timelines to support Alzheimer’s Disease”
Category: Best Social media campaign

On behalf of Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), Ogilvy Brussels developed a website where one could download an application that would help them experience, for one day, what it was like to have the disease. This application activated itself on September 21st and ‘erased’ all memories from your Facebook timeline on that day: pictures, status, videos, friends and family. In their place, a message appeared saying ‘Imagine your life without memories. For 36 million people living with Alzheimer’s disease, this is reality.’ The website allowed users to share their support among friends via Facebook, Twitter and Google+. To reinforce the message, Ogilvy Brussels made a viral movie with the help of Poetry In Motion (production company) and the actresses Gilda De Bal and Leen Diependaele. Reinhard van Bergen (Das Pop) was in charge of the music.

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