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PRSA 2013 International Conference

Event Date: October 27, 2013

Welcome to the Global Collaboratory: Global Food Security

Professional Development Workshop Set 1
Sunday, Oct. 27, 3–4:15 p.m.
Philadelphia, PA

Track: Innovation
Your Session ROI

Overview of the five-country launch of DuPont’s global food security index tool.

How the campaign resulted in briefing requests from more than 15 organizations and agencies, more than 320 unique articles and 120,000 online visitors to DuPont’s food security digital hub.
How DuPont secured more than a half dozen partnerships with governments, NGOs and foundations to take the issue of food security into the future.

Anthony Farina, director, corporate communications, Dupont, and Jamie Moeller, global managing director, public affairs, Ogilvy PR, will share how DuPont, in partnership with Ogilvy PR, changed its reputation as a chemical company through a campaign that showcased its commitment to global food security.