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Ogilvy has built deep, local, cultural expertise in the Asia Pacific region over 30 years, ranging from navigating the complex Chinese social media environment to engaging the newly emerging Myanmar consumers.

We are the largest and most awarded network regionally because we deliver public relations strategies that focus on business results. Size is not our goal, however. We offer a network of skill and scale, optimized for entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and business effectiveness.We pride ourselves on local market insight gained through the diverse professional and media backgrounds of our people, nurtured through industry-leading training and supported by thought leadership to help our clients navigate constant change.

This is the network that nearly 1000 clients, large and small -- global and homegrown -- have partnered with to drive their business and build their reputation. Global clients like IBM, Intel, Diageo and Ford, to local jewels like Indonesian Port Commission, Province of Chengdu, United Laboratories Philippines and Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks.

Clients like these choose us because of our deep experience, connections and relationships in the region and because Ogilvy Public Relations is constantly at the forefront of communications in an environment where information is unfiltered, where the audience is also the editor, where the target talks back! We have the most awarded social media team in Asia Pacific that knows how to tap social networks for valuable customers and recommenders.

Our goal is to connect your business objectives with your stakeholders' interests through authentic communication strategies that engage and influence to create constant marketing momentum and brand bonding.

We have much more to say on all of this. So if you’d like to learn more, please contact us.

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