Analyst Community Engagement (ACE)

Analyst Community Engagement (ACE) is a global service designed to give technology companies an informed, strategic and measurable approach to industry analyst relations. It is a comprehensive solution for in-house AR departments designed to influence sales cycles as well as influencers’ perceptions locally, regionally and globally.

If you want more information you can read our press release and check out this video:

Introducing ACE

We believe that the analyst world consists of “Deal Makers” and “Perception Makers”, and that the true value of AR is in knowing how to distinguish between the two, and tapping the right ones to influence sales cycles and purchase decisions as well as inform market attitudes through increased exposure.

Analyst Relations is the most global of all the marketing disciplines, and that creates challenges for most enterprises. Many organizations struggle to find the the right analyst engagement strategy as they juggle different time zone, subject matter expertise and internal organizational structure challenges. Ogilvy PR's ACE service is a flexible solution to leverage and augment those client variables. Ogilvy PR's ACE practitioners are based around the world and in particular in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, London, Hong Kong, Beijing, Singapore and Sydney.

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