Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporations today are under a microscope. Virtually every aspect of operations is subject to scrutiny by consumers. Ogilvy believes that CSR issues, if managed well, can be opportunities for a company to build its reputation and differentiate itself. Our eight-step program assesses a company's CSR strengths and weaknesses and develops a plan to enhance reputation.


Communicating Corporate Responsibility

The great recession proved that Corporate Responsibility is more important than ever. As tolerance for Corporate malfeasance dropped, expectations of good corporate behavior have risen. As a result, transparency and authenticity have become vital for all companies. Gone are the days when companies can "cover up" bad news, particularly in this age of citizen journalism and social media. And, as a result of citizen journalism and social media, companies must actively engage with internal and external audiences. This CSR guide presents the case for Corporate Responsibility, and offers relevant and practical advice.


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