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Today’s Companies Become Tomorrow’s Media Channels

How to Successfully Navigate the Changing Media Landscape within this New Era of Stakeholder Engagement


The rise of mobile technologies and social media has completely changed the media environment. Consolidation and continued newsroom cutbacks are bringing more titles under fewer ownership umbrellas and putting the task of news delivery into the hands of even fewer influential journalists. As the media ranks continue to shrink, corporations will need to step in and partner where possible with the media to create the distribution channels.

Gone are the days when brands needed to purchase advertising or secure media placements alone. At a time when it is becoming increasing difficult to differentiate between the role of marketer and publisher, a new world order for brands today has been established. What this presents is an opportunity for corporations to become the content curators - creating their own material on their own websites for their own brands and thereby their own companies.

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The global media landscape as we know it has changed. The need for interactive content in this “always on” media age is imperative. Against this back-drop, we have established the Ogilvy Media Influence MediaXchange – an ongoing hub featuring our leaders from around the world discussing the latest issues and trends driving the communications industry today. The below video in our series features Jennifer Risi, Managing Director, Ogilvy Media Influence and Head of North American Media Relations discussing top PR trends in 2014 that will affect how we work with existing clients and how we approach future ones.

In today’s evolving media landscape, rising above the noise can be a challenge. That said, earned media coverage is of critical importance to building the business of our clients. That is why it is more important than ever for PR professionals to think strategically about media relations in order to identify the right story, for the right reporter, at the right outlet, at the right time, to achieve maximum impact. Learn more about strategic media relations, and how to pitch the right reporter, in the following MediaXchange video from Ola Beilock, Account Supervisor, Ogilvy Media Influence.

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In this new content-starved environment, the line between reporter and PR professional is blurred and an opportunity has been created where brands have a tangible opportunity to influence, shape and drive the dialogue – nationally and globally – in ways that were not possible until now.

In this evolving arena, whether a client’s business objectives are best served by penetrating the business media or consumer lifestyle venues, traditional outlets or viral communities – our customized approach, capitalizes on the four pillars of media today and marries customized content with precise targets.

To be successful today, a company must focus on both brand building and corporate reputation. Our approach is rooted in working with our clients to create and deliver superior content. We focus on telling our client's stories via a customized mix of surgical media relations, speaking engagements, customized events, digitized corporate and consumer branding and third-party advocacy.

Ogilvy PR's Media Influence team stands ready to be your partner -- establishing your story and identifying the most impactful channels to reach your key stakeholders today and in the years ahead.

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