Technology marketers and public relations professionals have been and continue to find themselves in a new age of public relations. The technology market has always been a creature of rapid change, but now the media and influencer environment surrounding that market finds itself mirroring that same rate of change and evolution. As traditional technology media migrates online, tech pages in major business media outlets are shrinking and new influencers are being recognized in bloggers and podcasters. Ogilvy PR understands this new media and content-driven environment, as well as how to leverage these changes to reach and engage key audiences in new and powerful ways.


You have pushed your team to think big, disrupt a status quo or make something better that has never existed before. You have worked hard to take your business and shape it into a brand with staying power. Now you are ready to tell your story more broadly, and create some awareness and excitement in your market-space. Will the short-hand language you’ve been using be the right language to excite others as well? Can you simply and succinctly explain what problem your offering solves? Can you answer the question, ‘why should people care?’

If you cannot answer with a confident YES! to all of the above questions, then we have the right solution for you: Espresso. Espresso is a new Ogilvy PR offering for startups and emerging companies. We created Espresso with the simple desire to help young companies take the excitement they have about themselves and transfer the most relevant bits of it with target audiences. Don’t you want them to understand the greatness of what you’ve been toiling to shape?

Now if you did answer YES! to all of the above questions, then we have two things to say to you. First, Bravo! Second, that Espresso is also for you because we have built the service to be consumed in a modular fashion. If you’ve got your story (almost) nailed, then the help you really need is about activating that story in the right way with the right audiences. You need a shot of Espresso. Our modular shots of services range from refining a brand narrative to gaining exposure through media, influencer relations and social activation, all within a simple, affordable and flexible cost structure.

We believe that modular services from an award-winning agency is a compelling value proposition, but also understand that emerging companies need more. That is why we strive to share influential relationships and connections wherever possible and mutually beneficial. We appreciate the value of our ecosystem of relationships, spanning other clients, WPP sister companies, media, and influencers and know that Espresso clients will appreciate engaging with that ecosystem as well.

We are extremely excited about Espresso and the opportunity it gives us to partner with emerging brands of great promise. It’s the kind of work that fuels our people and keeps us plugged into what’s coming next to our ecosystem of relationships and knowledge. It also gives us an opportunity to tap into Ogilvy’s expertise for leveraging the power of storytelling in helping brands be relevant, credible and compelling across communications mediums. Let’s face it -- emerging brands must define their narrative, lest they allow someone else to define them, or worse, not be noticed at all.

That's the essence of Espresso. A boost for startups ready to define their greatness.

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