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SPN Ogilvy tops the National rating of communications consultancies

St. Petersburg, September 3, 2013 - SPN Ogilvy became the leader of the first ever Russian National rating of communications consultancies published recently by RIA Novosti, Russia’s leading newswire. SPN Ogilvy topped the list with the highest integral score of 0.85.

The rating was created by the joint efforts of key industry associations: the Russian Public Relations Association (RASO), the Russian Communications Consultancy Organization (AKOS, the Russian branch of ICCO), the Corporate Media Association of Russia, and produced by Medialogia media monitoring system, RIA Rating agency and Byzantium communications group. This was the first ever attempt in the history of the PR industry in Russia to carry out an integrated assessment of PR market players by several key indicators.

Andrey Barannikov, CEO of SPN Ogilvy: “Our industry has been in need of such a tool for quite a while. It needed something which would allow drawing some “system of coordinates” for the PR services market. The launch of the National rating is an important step in increasing the transparency of the Russian PR industry and raising the bar of professionalism for communications consultancies. Being at the top of the first ever rating is a great honor for us and I am deeply grateful to my team and all our clients who made this victory possible. This is surely our joint success.”

SPN Ogilvy secured its leadership in the integrated rating by topping two of the four parts of the National rating: a professional expertise rating and an employee competence rating. The first part features a company’s capability of implementing large-scale projects and the number of national and international industry award wins. The second rating is compiled on the basis of such data as the number of employees; the number of those officially certified by industry associations; those holding academic degrees; those lecturing at universities; it also takes into account whether an agency has its own corporate university and educational programs for employees. For the last 3 years, SPN Ogilvy has carried out over 100 large-scale campaigns and won or became a nominee for 94 global, international and national awards. In total, there are 163 trophies in the agency’s history. Every 6th SPN Ogilvy employee holds an academic degree or teaches at a university; agency experts act as judges of 15 industry contests.