Arosali – The Bear of Hope

January 27th, 2017
The Bear who survived two Concentration Camps

Dusseldorf, Germany, January 27, 2017 – For kids, stuffed animals are special companions with a magical power. To Michael Floersheim, his bear Arosali was even a bit more – he was a lifesaver. In 1942, four-year-old Michael and his mother, both Jewish, were deported to the Westerbork Concentration Camp. The Nazis allowed him to only bring one toy. Michael chose his bear Arosali. Later, he and his bear were deported to Bergen-Belsen, the place where Anne Frank died. But Michael survived – with the help of his bear Arosali. After the war, he grew up and became a successful businessman and father of one child.

75 years ago, the cruel genocide that resulted in the death of millions of people – Jewish, Romani, homosexual or disabled – began. This should never happen again. By reproducing the original Arosali, we want to keep the memory of Michael Floersheim alive and give other kids in fatal situations hope for a better future. That’s why all profits from the sale of an Arosali-Bear are directly donated to Kinderträume e.V.[1], an organization that seeks to fulfill the wishes of chronically ill children. And so, Arosali becomes a symbol of hope and the healing power of kids’ imagination. Dr. Yonat Floersheim, Michael’s wife, remembers in our interview: “You had the feeling that he truly felt he owed the teddy bear his life and that he drew a calming and powerful support from it.”

Inspired by Michael’s story, Spielzeux, a toy store from Frankfurt, and Ogilvy & Mather decided to reproduce Arosali as an original replica on the German market. As a way to transport this moving story to a new generation of parents and children in Germany. As a way to shine a light on the power of this particular toy. And, ultimately, as a way to raise donations for Kinderträume e.V..

The Arosali project is accompanied by an online presence at as well as a social media campaign, supported by the influencer platform indaHash, which urges influencers to take a picture of themselves with their special stuffed animal friend and share it with the Hashtag #Arosali to raise awareness of the project and donate to Kinderträume e.V. with the purchase of Arosali – The Bear of Hope.

An Arosali film and further information are available on YouTube. Images are available for download at
Contact information:
Ogilvy Public Relations GmbH
Am Handelshafen 2-4
40221 Dusseldorf

[1] In English: ‘Children’s Dreams Association’

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