Crisis Management Moves Into The Digital Age

April 25th, 2016

Ogilvy PR’s alliance with RockDove Solutions delivers integrated crisis communications planning and smartphone activation

With every week bringing new calamity and scandal to organizations that appeared to have robust reputations, there is a heightened sense of risk in corporate America that is accentuated by the speed at which crises unfold in the digital, connected information world.

Every organization needs to be confident that it has an up-to-date crisis preparedness plan and, should the worst happen, it can efficiently access and activate that plan – even if the incident begins at midnight on the Friday of a holiday weekend.

Digital apps are transforming many aspects of everyday life – and now that is also true of crisis management.

Ogilvy Public Relations has announced today a strategic alliance with RockDove Solutions, the developer of the mobile crisis management solution ‘In Case of Crisis’. The alliance was formed after the two companies collaborated successfully on projects to create crisis communications planning content and build the app for current Ogilvy clients.

The joint crisis communications planning services from Ogilvy and RockDove ensure that when that crisis breaks at midnight on a Friday night, the crisis management begins even if there is no access to the company’s intranet – and that voluminous crisis plan in the ring-bound folder back in the office might as well be on Mars.

Ogilvy’s contribution to the alliance is the best practice crisis preparedness strategic planning and content – including response, reporting and activation protocols as well as detailed multi-level plans to manage the initial stages of specific scenarios, customized to each company and its industry, covering everything from data breaches, through product malfunction and all the way to natural disaster.

RockDove provides the sophisticated but easy-to-use ‘In Case of Crisis’ app on which Ogilvy-created content is stored and accessed. The app allows quick and convenient password-protected links to the contact details of the crisis team, functionality such as alerts, texts and emails to immediately communicate with the team – and also touch-of-a-button access to the scenario planning, draft statements and other information you need in the first few hours of a crisis.

Nick Ludlum, Executive Vice President and North America crisis and issues management lead, Ogilvy PR, commented: “We have all seen what happens when an organization mishandles its early response to an emerging issue. RockDove Solutions has created a wonderful app that makes that early response ten times more effective than anything that exists without a digital solution.

“Many aspects of the ‘In Case of Crisis’ app are impressive, but the functionality of being able to alert and summon the crisis team in seconds and share information, photos and web-links is a huge leap forward in crisis responsiveness.

“But of course the content of the plan needs to be up to date, accurate and refreshed consistently against best practices, and that’s where the team at Ogilvy are at our best.”

Chris Britton, Chief Operating Officer, at RockDove Solutions, also commented: “Our early experiences with Ogilvy have been very productive and together we have the complete digital, crisis communications planning package.

“Our robust and accessible mobile technology combined with Ogilvy’s intelligent crisis strategies will ensure clients have actionable, step-by-step crisis communications plans during any scenario.”

About Ogilvy Public Relations
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About RockDove Solutions
RockDove Solutions, developer of the adaptable mobile crisis management solution In Case of Crisis, helps organizations turns their crisis management, business continuity, emergency preparedness, and workplace safety plans into accessible and actionable digital playbooks. Serving hundreds of public and private institutions, in the rapidly growing enterprise mobile marketplace, the company’s award-winning, customizable crisis app prepares companies to quickly and effectively respond to crises. For more information, visit

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