CSR Initiatives – Who Picked Up Your Story?

Jennifer Risi, Global Chief Communications Officer & Managing Director, Ogilvy Media Influence at Ogilvy Public Relations, discusses how a careful CSR program  implementation can help an organization to generate a positive profile as well as media opportunities. So the first part of the key to successfully promoting CSR efforts is to integrate an earned media […]

Have We Forgotten?

Lily Eng, Vice President at Ogilvy Public Relations recalls the day she had visited the World War II internment camp for Japanese Americans and wonders whether history will repeat itself.

LGBT+ Diversity Tips from The Economist’s Gallery of Numbers

I’ve lived and worked in Hong Kong for 11 years – most of that time as an “out” married lesbian leader. It’s an odd feeling sometimes, making my home in a city that not only refuses to recognise my legal UK marriage but where technically I can be fired for being gay (unless I work […]

Right Here, Right Now: A Q&A with Lauren Wesley Wilson on the Power of a Diverse Workforce

Jennifer Risi, Global Chief Communications Officer & Managing Director of Ogilvy PR Media Influence, recently sat down with Lauren Wesley Wilson, the President and founder of ColorComm to discuss some of the most poignant issues for women of color in the PR industry and how the current media landscape is serving as a stepping-stone to reach […]

Ogilvy expands its West Coast Digital Content & Social team with new hire

Aleena Abrahamian Joins as Executive Vice President SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., November 22,  2016 – Ogilvy Public Relations, an integrated global marketing communications firm, today announced Aleena Abrahamian joined as Executive Vice President, Digital Content & Social for the agency’s West Coast team and will be part of the North America Leadership Team. Based in San […]