The Television, Digital Media Boomerang

It’s been a fascinating ride living through the evolution of TV as networks and content creators continue learning how to adapt to the advent of and advances in digital media. Additionally, the trend for more millennial-based content is on the rise, as more and more millennials enter the market and shift demand. Surprisingly however, digital […]

Why is customer service still so terrible in an age of wallets and mobile banking?

A lot of digitally savvy (which may be a tiny fraction in the overall scheme of things) Indians have been using digital money for a long time. Personally, I do not recall visiting a bank branch in eons. Have never paid a bill offline in eons. Cash withdrawal has also been very sporadic (credit and […]

How Communications Can Elevate Clients’ CSR Initiatives

A key challenge for many companies is communicating CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities that remain true to their brand. As communicators, we have a responsibility to help our clients understand what will make their CSR initiatives impactful, relatable and inspiring. Convincing consumers that profitable companies are being good citizens for the betterment of society is […]

Media and Politicians Have Fundamentally Opposing Objectives

There comes a time in every modern election campaign when the meaningless phrase “hermetically-sealed” starts appearing in news stories. As examples of journalese go, this is perhaps the worst. Yet, three weeks into a boring election that no one really wanted, we are deluged by process stories of whether the Conservative and Labour campaigns are […]

Anglo-American and Ogilvy Take Home Platinum at First African SABREs

“#ProTestHIV” from Anglo-American with Ogilvy Johannesburg—a campaign showcasing the mining giant’s leadership in the fight against AIDS and HIV in South Africa—took home the Platinum SABRE Award for the best African public relations campaign of the year at the first African SABRE Awards dinner in Casablanca last night.