Multi Agency Collaboration – It’s time to put the ego aside and put your client’s objectives first

With the numerous avenues of receiving news in the modern world, it’s rare that a client will have one agency to cover all the angles. This might mean one brand has multiple agencies covering public relations, social media, media buying, experiential, content, etc – the list goes on. As there are so many channels for […]

Innovating for a More Connected World

Through my work with USAID and the Peace Corps, I often have the opportunity to attend conferences that bring together key thought leaders on pressing international development issues. I thoroughly enjoyed a recent forum hosted by New America, “The Next Three Billion – Initiatives to Bring the Whole World Online.” Experts from NGOs, and the […]

What are you known for? Finding your niche in the changing PR landscape.

The industry speaks out about the future of PR and beyond. An article influenced by PR experts featured on Firebrand Talent’s ‘Put it to the Panel’. There is no doubt, skills in PR are more relevant than ever. Corporations no longer drive the agenda and, as such, they must find innovative ways to talk to […]

Can Zebras Stop Traffic Violations?

Picture this. You’re making your way around the traffic circle in Dupont, glancing at the time knowing that you’re late to meet your friends for brunch. Feeling a little overeager, you inch forward at a red light – inadvertently blocking the pedestrian crosswalk. With mimosas and eggs benedict on your mind, you’re startled when a […]

A Laughing Matter

You can’t spell ‘Haha!’ without ‘Aha!’. It seems in our professional environment, we need ‘Aha’ moments on tap. Comedy is arguably the greatest way to let your mind wander outside the realms of possibility and push the boundaries of reality. Comedy, being dubbed the most creative of all arts, has the potential to rewire the […]