Ogilvy PR’s Global Chairman Christopher Graves set to appear at SXSW annual conference

South by Southwest (SXSW) has named Ogilvy Public Relations Global Chairman, Christopher Graves as one of its featured solo speakers. Graves was recently honored by the Rockefeller Foundation as a Bellagio Resident for his work in behavioral communications. “I’m proud to represent Ogilvy and our methodology, and I really look forward to learning more at […]

Ogilvy’s new integration imperative

Ogilvy chief John Seifert talked to Campaign Asia about Ogilvy’s “next chapter” in his most recent trip to Hong Kong. Agency integration has been talked about for years. Now, new pressures are driving Ogilvy towards walking the talk, and Asian operations may help lead the way.

The Presidential Debate Wasn’t Just on TV. It Waged on Social Media, too

Online users sent out more than 17 million debate-related tweets during the second U.S. presidential debate. How Twittersphere is shaping America’s most contentious presidential race ever   When Barack Obama was elected U.S. president in 2008, his campaign’s mastery of social media, particularly its ability to engage and mobilize younger voters, was widely cited as […]

When Saying Something Nice Is the Only Way to Change Someone’s Mind

Evidence is beginning to point to modest success in bridging opposing groups by first affirming them (saying something nice or at least priming them positively), and by disentangling their identity from the issue itself. Kindergarten questions can be rather powerful, after all.

Why the Best Leaders Actually Work Behind the Scene

Jennifer Risi, Ogilvy PR’s Global Chief Communications Officer and Managing Director of Media Influence discusses key lessons she has learned in the process of becoming a successful team leader.