Gabon Gets Ogilvy Media Counsel

Ogilvy Public Relations has been hired to push earned media opportunities with the political press on behalf of the Gabonese Republic.

Where are all the good books?

It was a claim that hushed the crowd.  “There are no good books”, said Lev Grossman, from the stage at the recent Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney. In the audience, we collectively held our breath!  Could this highly acclaimed author of five successful novels, really mean it? I had to ask myself whether Grossman, […]

Telum Talks To… Leon Beswick, Managing Director, Ogilvy PR Health

Can you tell us a little about Ogilvy PR Health and how it fits within the wider Ogilvy offering? Ogilvy PR Health was set up almost nine years ago as a conflict brand for Parker and Partners who was doing an incredible amount of health work at the time. So we ended up starting the […]

The Changing Face of the Mad Men

Marketers want their agency partners to accelerate diversity efforts. And their reasons go well beyond optics and political correctness This week, key catalysts and stakeholders in our industry gather at ADCOLOR® to discuss and champion those who are making an impact on diversity and inclusion within the creative industry. While I, as an individual, and […]

Brooke Blashill speaks on Zara’s first sustainable fashion line

Fast-fashion retailer Zara is trying its hand at sustainability with a new fashion line made using environmentally friendly materials. The push by Zara, which has nearly 2,000 stores in 88 countries, is indicative of the continued push for increased transparency in retail, and demonstrates the importance for retailers to commit to sustainability, according to Brooke Blashill, svp and director at […]