Our People

Stuart Smith

Global CEO | Ogilvy Public Relations

Stuart has been with the agency since 2011, when he was originally hired to run the UK and EMEA operations, based in the London office. Stuart has been in the industry for over 25 years. Stuart.Smith@ogilvy.com

Michele Anderson

Group Lead, Head of Influence and PR | Ogilvy USA

Before moving to America over four years ago, Michele’s career started in South Africa where she built a market leading and internationally awarded agency with an African footprint. Michele then joined Ogilvy in 2014 to run the Chicago office, drive growth and deliver high level consulting work to both corporate and consumer clients. michele.anderson@ogilvy.com

Photo of Kathy Baird

Kathy Baird

Managing Director, Content and Social | Ogilvy

Kathy Baird has worked in digital and integrated communications for 20 years. As the Managing Director of Content and Social, Kathy oversees digital planning across the disciplines of consumer marketing, reputation management, and advertising. She is a worldwide board member of Ogilvy Public Relations. Kathy.baird@ogilvy.com

Photo of Michael Briggs

Michael Briggs

Head of Insight & Strategy | Ogilvy

A 17-year veteran of Ogilvy PR, Michael has more than 25 years' experience developing and implementing strategic communications solutions. Michael and his team partner with colleagues and clients across a wide variety of industries, issues, and audiences to develop the insights and strategies that drive award-winning campaigns. He is a worldwide board member of Ogilvy Public Relations. michael.briggs@ogilvy.com

Debby Cheung

President, Shanghai Group | Ogilvy Public Relations

Debby has worked in the agency for over twenty years and she has all rounded communications experience. Besides leading Ogilvy Public Relations in China & Hong Kong, Debby is also the Shanghai office head of Ogilvy & Mather. debby.cheung@ogilvy.com

Photo of Daniel Chng

Daniel Chng

Global Chief Learning Officer | Ogilvy Public Relations

Daniel has more than 25 years of client servicing and business consulting experience. He joined Ogilvy PR in 2005. His mandate is to identify, plan and drive the learning and development agenda for Ogilvy PR, globally. He also plays a role in providing consultation and coaching to the MDs on people development and people management. He is a worldwide board member of Ogilvy Public Relations. Daniel.chng@ogilvy.com

Thomas Crampton

Global Managing Director, Social@Ogilvy | Ogilvy & Mather

As Global Managing Director of Social@Ogilvy, Thomas Crampton oversees a team of more than 800 social media specialists across more than 40 territories worldwide. Social@Ogilvy helps companies understand, strategize and execute within social media.

Photo of Kate Cronin

Kate Cronin

Managing Director, Health & Wellness | Ogilvy USA

Kate joined Ogilvy in 2004 and serves as the head of USA Health & Wellness. Previously, she held the position of Global MD of the Healthcare Practice while serving as MD for the New York Office for five years. Kate has worked with clients across the healthcare continuum and counsels clients on strategy and implementation, issues, and corporate reputation. She is a worldwide board member of Ogilvy Public Relations. Kate.Cronin@ogilvy.com

Michael Frohlich

Chief Executive Officer EMEA | Ogilvy Public Relations

Following four successful years leading Ogilvy PR in the UK, Michael takes on the responsibilities of leading the EMEA Region, with a particular focus on client growth and continuing to galvanize the network operations. He continues to represent the Brand Marketing Practice regionally and globally, and sits on the Ogilvy & Mather UK Board and EMEA Regional Counsel. Michael also sits on the worldwide Board of ICCO. michael.frohlich@ogilvy.com

Photo of Bizhan Govindji

Bizhan Govindji

Digital Strategist | Ogilvy Public Relations + Social@Ogilvy

Bizhan has been with the agency since 2012 (in London and New York), and is responsible for planning and implementing social media strategies for clients, with a particular focus on creative social content. He is also the author of Social Digest, a bi-weekly newsletter sharing the best and worst of social media. He is a worldwide board member of Ogilvy Public Relations. bizhan.govindji@ogilvy.com

Christopher Graves

President & Founder | Ogilvy Center for Behavioral Science

Chris is the agency’s President and Founder of the Ogilvy Center for Behavioral Science and serves on the board of its parent company, the Ogilvy & Mather Group. He joined Ogilvy after 23 years in business news including 18 years with Dow Jones & The Wall Street Journal and CNBC.

Photo of Saada Hammad

Saada Hammad

Middle East & North Africa Regional Director | Memac Ogilvy Public Relations

Saada has been leading Memac Ogilvy PR team since 2010. Before that, Saada was the communications director for General Motors in the Middle East, where she established and managed an integrated in-house PR department, a first for the region. Saada has been in the industry for more than twenty years. Saada was born and raised in Lebanon, educated in Italy, and spent most of her professional life in Dubai. She is a worldwide board member of Ogilvy Public Relations. Saada.hammad@ogilvy.com

Scott Kronick

President and CEO Asia Pacific | Ogilvy Public Relations

Scott joined the agency in New York in 1987. Today his public relations expertise spans both the United States and Asia Pacific region. Scott was appointed the Regional President and CEO starting in 2014, after having served for four years as the President of Ogilvy PR, North Asia. Scott.Kronick@ogilvy.com

Photo of Elsa Liu

Elsa Liu

Director | Ogilvy Public Relations

Elsa has been with Ogilvy PR Beijing for ten years. She has contributed to retaining and growing the agency’s core clients like Microsoft and Nestle and is the winner of many international and regional awards. She is now driving new PR business opportunities such as integrated marketing campaigns, social/digital strategy, mobile engagement and eCommerce activation. She is a worldwide board member of Ogilvy Public Relations. Elsa.liu@ogilvy.com

Photo of Marshall Manson

Marshall Manson

CEO UK | Ogilvy Public Relations

Marshall took the reins at OPR London in 2015, after two years as EMEA MD of Social@Ogilvy. He’s got a diverse background that includes experience with corporate communications, brand marketing and politics. He is a worldwide board member of Ogilvy Public Relations. Marshall.manson@ogilvy.com

Photo of Jamie Messenger

Amy Messenger

Managing Director, U.S. Technology Practice | Ogilvy Public Relations

Amy leads Ogilvy PR’s U.S. technology practice, guiding staff development as well as client service and efficacy. Her passion is helping organizations clarify their relevance in an ever-changing technology landscape. She is the founder of the agency’s Denver office as well as a founding member of the agency’s San Francisco office. Amy has worked in technology marketing for over 25 years. She is a worldwide board member of Ogilvy Public Relations. Amy.messenger@ogilvy.com

Photo of Jamie Moeller

Jamie Moeller

Global Managing Director | Ogilvy Public Relations

As Global Managing Director of Public Affairs , Jamie Moeller oversees a practice of professionals operating in 35 markets around the world. Jamie has over 25 years of experience assisting clients with brand reputation, issues and crisis management, policy communications and corporate positioning initiatives and has led integrated global campaigns for some of the agency’s largest clients. He is a worldwide board member of Ogilvy Public Relations. jamie.moeller@ogilvy.com

Photo of Kieran Moore

Kieran Moore

Chief Executive Officer | Ogilvy Public Relations Australia | Chief Executive Officer for Public Relations and Public Affairs | WPP AUNZ

Kieran has been with the agency for 12 years and has 30 years’ experience. Working on all facets of communications in Australia, APAC and Europe. She is a worldwide board member of Ogilvy Public Relations. Kieran.moore@ogilvy.com.au

Joanna Oosthuizen

National Managing Director | Ogilvy Public Relations

Joanna Oosthuizen leads Ogilvy PR in South Africa. Since becoming National MD, in 2014, she has overseen the business grow into one of the country’s top public relations and reputation management agencies, which is today the second largest Ogilvy PR office in the EMEA region. joanna.oosthuizen@ogilvypr.co.za

Photo of Ben Richards

Ben Richards

Worldwide Chief Strategy Officer | Ogilvy & Mather

Ben runs strategy across all the companies in Ogilvy & Mather Group – including Ogilvy PR, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising and OgilvyOne – spanning more than 450 offices in 120 countries. In this role, he helps clients develop and integrate complex strategies at a global scale – from the CEO speech to the employee baseball cap. Ben is the youngest person ever to be appointed to Ogilvy & Mather Group’s Worldwide Board and ExCo and is also a worldwide board member of Ogilvy Public Relations. Ben.richards@ogilvy.com

Photo of Jennifer Risi

Jennifer Risi

WW Chief Communications Officer, Managing Director, Ogilvy Media Influence | Ogilvy

Jennifer Risi is a seasoned communications executive with more than 15 years of experience. Risi oversees global media relations, drives earned media campaigns across the Ogilvy USA group and serves as brand architect and a key spokesperson for Ogilvy PR. She is an expert in nation branding, CEO positioning and corporate reputation and has a passion for gender and diversity issues. Jennifer.risi@ogilvy.com

Stacey Ryan-Cornelius

Worldwide Financial Controller | Ogilvy & Mather

Stacey is the worldwide financial controller of the agency’s global parent company Ogilvy & Mather. Based in New York, she has over 23 years of finance experience in the entertainment, media & communications industry and has held leadership roles at the regional and worldwide level of Ogilvy & Mather since she joined the company in 1999. Stacey particularly enjoys lending her global finance expertise to the Ogilvy Public Relations team. stacey.ryan-cornelius@ogilvy.com

Renata Saraiva

Managing Director | Ogilvy Public Relations

Renata has 22 years of experience in public relations, corporate communications and journalism. A trusted client advisor, Renata leads Ogilvy PR Brazil, with offices in Sao Paulo, Brasília and Rio de Janeiro. Ogilvy PR Sao Paulo is also hub for pan-regional services across Latin America. renata.saraiva@ogilvy.com

Jennifer Scott

Jennifer Scott, PhD

Managing Director, Research & Intelligence | Ogilvy USA

In her eleven years at Ogilvy, Jennifer has served as Global MD, Strategy+Planning as well as MD, New York and currently MD, Research & Intelligence, USA. She provides strategic counsel on reputation and branding to clients across a range of business sectors. jennifer.scott@ogilvy.com

Photo of Brian Smith

Brian Smith

Vice President | Ogilvy Public Relations

Brian has been shaping progressive digital communications strategies with the agency in the fields of consumer media relations, influencer engagement and social media strategy since 2008. As Vice President of Social@Ogilvy, Atlanta, Brian is responsible for integrated content and communications planning in partnership with Ogilvy & Mather and WPP agency teams. He is a worldwide board member of Ogilvy Public Relations. Brian.smith@ogilvy.com

Photo of Selina Teng

Selina Teng

President | Ogilvy & Mather Group, Beijing

Selina joined the agency in 1999 and was appointed the Co-Managing Director of Beijing in 2013. As the recipient of Ad Age’s Women to Watch in China in 2014, Selina has overseen the business grow substantially over the past years and now Beijing office has become the biggest office in the Asia network. She is a worldwide board member of Ogilvy Public Relations. Selina.teng@ogilvy.com

Andrew Thomas

President, South East Asia | Ogilvy PR and President, Asia Pacific | Social@Ogilvy

Andrew has lived, worked and traveled across Asia for the last 30 years. He joined Ogilvy Public Relations as Managing Director of our Singapore operation in 2005, following an outstanding media and publishing career. andrew.thomas@ogilvy.com