• Goodyear

Combining safety with fun through an integrated campaign to drive purchase decisions.

Goodyear launched its advanced new Assurance TripleMax (ATM) with an innovative tire design that could improve the safety of the often dangerous driving conditions on China’s roads during the summer rainy season. We created a seasonally resonate message to remind drivers not to delay new tire purchases.

A specially designed Goodyear branded yellow rubber duck formed a visual cue that, with Goodyear ATM tires, drivers could now safely ‘Enjoy the Rain’ as much as a rubber duck enjoys bath time. Reminiscent of water, childhood and family, the rubber ducks were light-hearted links connecting to emotional message.

A cute rubber duck anchoring a strong integrated campaign resulted in Goodyear ATM sales exceeding forecast by 26% for the first 6 months in market (Jun 2013 – Dec. 2013). The forecast set was aggressive given this product offered a major competitive point of difference and underlying mid-car segment growth was healthy at 7%.

The rubber duck device helped achieve 81% recognition for the campaign, against 51% average recognition for previous Goodyear campaigns (ATM Campaign Media Impact Analysis 2013, Millward Brown).