• Google+ Hangout: Same Sex Marriage

Leveraging technology to give a voice to the often unheard.

In France, country known for being at the forefront of human rights, same-sex marriage is not recognized. When a bill for marriage equality was submitted, the anti same-sex marriage protests took-over the media landscape – making it seem like the entire country was against the law.

We discovered that same-sex marriage supporters had virtually no platform available to get their voices heard – unlike the opponents to the law who proved to be receiving the majority of media coverage. We decided to focus on the matter of same-sex marriage and developed a strategy to put Google+’s Hangout at the service of the same-sex marriage cause. Partnering with “Tous Unis Pour l’Egalité,” an association fighting for marriage equality, we created the first social same-sex marriage ever. We made it possible for French gay couples to get married in France via Google+ Hangout, with a Mayor from Belgium – where same-sex marriage is law.

We generated $800K in earned media & engaged millions of people with Google+ Hangout. Highly shared and discussed on social media the topic raised the interest of international press like Huffington Post, ABC News and Aljazeera. Most importantly, we showed that technology can change people’s lives.