• KFC: Journey of Hope

Embarking on an epic journey to bring attention to childhood hunger.

In 2012, KFC South Africa took an existing menu mechanic on the road in the form of solo-adventurer Riaan Manser’s bicycle journey of 4,100 KM (2,547 MI) from Cape Town to Johannesburg – on half the calories that his body would need. This allowed the brand to evolve its three-year Add Hope initiative from being an in-store mechanic aimed at overcoming “giving fatigue” into an integrated PR and social effort. One that stressed the plight of hungry children and at the same time, ingeniously met an unspoken consumer need to play a part in tackling an overwhelming social need.

The Journey of Hope took KFC from being a thought leader to a thought doer. It allowed KFC to use the power of storytelling to connect those living with hunger with consumers who are often removed from this reality. More importantly, the campaign has, and will continue to enable the brand to tell more stories that magnify hope – authentic stories that Add Hope. Critically, KFC will be able to fill 15 million tummies in 2013 due to the Journey of Hope.
Riaan at SOS Childrens Villages with Kindergarten Child Named John