• Roche: #TypeToFight: The Fight Against Parkinson’s Is In Your Hands

In Brazil, nearly 400,000 people live with Parkinson´s disease. But only 50% of them have been diagnosed and many of them are discriminated. What if someone´s handwriting could help to increase awareness about the disease? This was the objective of the campaign #TypeToFight, created for Roche to celebrate World Parkinson’s Day on April 11, 2015.

Former teacher Sonia Cascino, who was forced to stop teaching in 2007 because of her Parkinson´s disease, was invited to use her handwriting to teach again. We transformed Sonia´s calligraphy into the font Sonia´s Script creating a new way to spread knowledge and fight prejudice. People were able to learn more about Parkinson’s on a website and send support messages through Facebook and Twitter using Sonia´s Script.

Designers, illustrators and anyone else could download the font and use it to create posters becoming part of a virtual exhibition. Sonia´s message spread and the subject became a hot topic. Brazil´s largest independent media channel changed its logo on World Parkinson’s Day using Sonia´s Script and many celebrities joined the cause. As a result, Sonia was invited to come back to the classroom and teach about Parkinson. The campaign reached 126 million people through online and offline earned media and influencers.