• SingTel

Connecting a heritage brand as the champion for the cultural heritage of Singapore.

What passion unites and galvanizes all Singaporeans? A love of food, particularly Singaporean street food known as hawker food. Every Singaporean – rich or poor, Chinese or Muslim – loves their hawker food, and holds strong opinions as to the best hawker food available.

Traditional hawker food was a tradition under threat from the unrelenting modernization of the city. This was the populist issue that homegrown brand, SingTel could rally people around: demonstrate the love and pride for local food and hawker chefs, and build brand affinity in the process.

We created a publicity campaign to position SingTel as a champion of Singaporean local food culture, celebrating hawker chefs as everyday heroes, while leveraging topical news interest and national pride for Singapore’s at-risk hawker heritage. SingTel featured its dynamic multimedia capabilities through organizing and broadcasting a competition between one of the world’s most provocative Michelin-starred chefs and Singapore hawkers.

At the end of the campaign, SingTel’s brand consideration increased from 23% to 34% establishing a clear lead over its rival by 10 points, and returning SingTel back to its historical highs. The campaign achieved 80% national branded awareness, and 82% liked the campaign, driving a 26% improvement in net sentiment (ratio of positive to negative posts by netizens online) towards SingTel.