• Unilever: Becel The Village: Changing an entire city’s health habits

In Brazil, about 40% of the population have high cholesterol levels. A problem not exclusive to this country. Actually, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the world, and approximately one of every three cases of coronary heart disease is caused by high cholesterol levels.

To bring awareness of the risks and benefits, Unilever brought to Brazil the global project: The Village, locally called “Uma Cidade, um Desafio”. It was set in Santo Antonio do Pinhal, a small Brazilian city in São Paulo state area.

During the three month event, locals provided nutritional information, orientation for proper exercise techniques to keep fit and a balanced diet which included the use of Becel Pro-Active during the breakfast hours; a margarine to help reduce cholesterol levels.

Ogilvy PR established outreach focused on the countryside of São Paulo, using tools such as radio release, infographics, opinion leaders and a dedicated team making visits to newsrooms. A media conference was held in São Paulo announcing the start of the project. One on one interviews were conducted in strategic publications. And opinion makers and celebrities visited the city to help on gathering citizens for physical activities. With TV and radio broadcasts, we focused on high cholesterol health risks.

Prior to Brazil, the projects were done in seven different cities across the world. Combined, they impacted about 53 million people. The Brazilian edition impacted an estimate of 180 million people, with a total of 780 identified articles.

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