If saving is too hard – spend big! – 2017-18 Federal Budget

There is nothing like spending on nation building projects to deliver the Government’s new mantra of don’t tell but show. The Turnbull Government heard loud and clear that innovation was intangible and un-relatable to the common man. Yet, building things – big things like airports, roads, train lines, hydro power stations and ships – well, […]

What the March for Science Protestors Can Learn from Mean Girls

Climate scientist Michael Mann and science educator Bill Nye, center, lead the March for Science in Washington on April 22, 2017. “You can’t sit with us” were the famous words spoken by Gretchen Wieners when they finally determined that Regina George, their former leader, was no longer a part of the Plastics in the movie Mean […]

‘I can’t bring David back, but I can bring back a founder mentality:’ 10 questions for Ogilvy’s John Seifert

CEO John Seifert chats with PRWeek Editor-in-Chief Steve Barrett about re-founding David Ogilvy’s agency. How are you channeling the heritage of David Ogilvy in re-founding his eponymous agency? He [Ogilvy] was not building an advertising agency – he was building a firm with a deep culture about building brands. It just so happens that, in […]

Don’t Want to Miscommunicate? Try Face Time.

Let me paint a picture: It’s 4 p.m. on a Friday, and I’ve been exchanging emails with a coworker across the country all week. At this point, I can’t even remember my original point – in fact, I can’t remember what’s accurate and what isn’t anymore with all of these email threads. I’m frustrated and […]

From Distraction Brands to Action Brands

The days of interruptive marketing are (happily) coming to an end, as consumers build up more and more power to choose for themselves what they watch, read, and experience. So brands need to embrace an earned mentality in their communications and marketing. Innovation is essential. But so is a heavy dose of old-fashioned storytelling, and […]