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Mitch Markson
President, Global Brand Marketing and CCO,
Purpose Branding
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We've Got Magic to Do -- together!

Welcome to the global brand marketing practice at Ogilvy PR circa now!

We used to call it Consumer but now that seems so 1993.

The people who connect with brands today, don't want to be defined by consumption alone. They want to do business with brands that engage through authenticity, purpose, relevance and a bit of fun as well.

New Role for Brands:

It isn't easy being a brand in 2013…in a world that's always “on,” constantly changing and in a social environment that demands not only conversation, but also immediate response and ongoing action. That's "the new normal." One directional messaging, a “we speak, you listen” attitude, "build it and they will come” mentality and complete brand control are relics of the past.

There are new influencers to be courted, new dynamic relationships to be developed and a new active role for brands today to play in the lives of people and at the heart of society – all on an increasingly global stage. Brands are moving from center of the universe to navigator, from hoarder to sharer, from messenger to conversationalist and from product provider to opportunity provider. No easy transition and a tough challenge for any communications discipline and practitioner. How are companies and their brands meant to cope?

Enter modern public relations, stage left.

New Role for Modern PR: Ideas and Actions…before communications

Today's PR realm is a little bit like a Circus...high wire balancing acts, tight rope deadlines, unexpected outcomes and an element of risk for sure – but also great acts of courage, feats of daring, laughter and pathos, entertainment and excitement and sometimes real magic.It should be alive with invention and ideas, activity and action – and a healthy dose of audience participation.

The adage, actions speak louder than words now seems more relevant than ever. And meaningful ideas that brands and people can act on together -- yes, magic!

We all talk about content development and storytelling and those are the brushstrokes of modern PR, but ideas and actions that lead to involvement, socialization and community as well as accomplishment and opportunity for companies, brands, NGOs, governments and people alike are what change behavior and define real success today.

Mobile and social communication and global connectivity are escalating rapidly – and hey, that’s great. But real relationship building for brands still requires a personal, in-person touch and a lot of local cultural savvy as well. Think of it this way: couples may be meeting, flirting and courting online, but the relationship hangs on that first one-to-one date in the real world.

And Finally a Word From Our Sponsor: It’s us, Ogilvy PR

At Ogilvy PR, we're helping some of the most iconic brands in the world and all over the world navigate their journey and traverse the ups and downs, twists and turns of modern communication and marketing.

So how can we help navigate the new normal and help you chart
the best course for today and tomorrow, at home and around the world? We’ve defined seven ways:

1. We promise to push for and deliver IDEAS with punch and purpose. Yes we have tools for that: Take one of our Idea Trips or let us apply Ogilvy’s the Big IdeaL tm model to help develop or rearticulate a higher and more meaningful purpose for your brand.

2. We develop smart activation plans that can produce media and marketing results: yes we have a concrete process for that too. We call it the Ogilvy PR SHARES Index and it helps realize and maximize the full potential of PR for your brand.

3. “Reverberation”: earned media planning that expands the life of your messages, content and conversation across “me” media, social media, owned media as well as traditional and niche media channels.

4. Talent and Knowledge: involvement with and access to some of the greatest minds and expertise in the business. We’ve got deep category experience in Travel and Tourism, Nation branding, Purpose branding, Social/digital, Automotive, Consumer Technology, Food and Beverage, FMCG and Associations. We tap into insights and have PR strategic planners and creative directors who can turn insights into strategies into results-driven ideas and actions.

5. Integration Smart: Using some or all of the tried and tested Ogilvy Fusion process along with partnership from multiple resources across the Ogilvy and WPP network, nobody can connect the dots better than us.

6. The Future: Ogilvy PR bet on and aggressively invested in the fastest growing and most dynamic consumer market in the world, China, before any other PR firm did. Today we are the leading and most respected PR firm in Asia-Pacific. Our eye never stops searching for “what’s next.”

7. Fun: Yes, that’s important too. We work hard and fast, but believe that fun and passion need to be part of the plan.

And one more thing – we never take success for granted. Improvement lies in doing things differently, in refusing to stand still, to continuously push boundaries and question assumptions. We’re not afraid to shake things up – and we strongly urge our clients to consider the benefits of thinking boldly and taking some small, smart risks.

So let’s get together, rattle some cages, change some behavior and shift a paradigm or two – and lets enjoy the ride, the high wire and some fancy footwork along the way!