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Jamie Moeller
Managing Director, Global Public Affairs Practice
E-mail | 202-729-4000

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Driving Business Results through Public Policy Success

Ogilvy PR's Public Affairs practice has more than 150 professionals in 27 markets around the world, including key political centers in Brussels, Beijing and Washington, DC. From this unique vantage point, we provide clients with insights into the factors shaping global policy and the ability to navigate the intricacies of local policy arenas.

While each market has unique political and government systems, we recognize that increasingly, public affairs challenges are global. Issues that arise in one capitol quickly have an impact in markets around the globe. As a result, we operate the Practice globally, ensuring seamless coordination and best-in-class local execution.

With former legislative, White House, European Commission and ministerial staff, political organizers and public policy experts, we run our public affairs campaigns as if they were political campaigns.

Our achievements demonstrates our knowledge of who influences and decides public policy and how to reach them with politically effective communications. Whether we're working for a health care provider to shape the outcome of a legislative battle, establishing a leadership position on environmental policy for a green energy company or positioning a corporation to enter a new market, our experience in public affairs is as far reaching as the issues themselves

For each client, we build a tailored public affairs campaign from our core capabilities, which include:

• Strategic Roadmap—We help clients identify public policy challenges and opportunities and then develop a strategic roadmap to success. This roadmap starts with a clear understanding of the business benefits or threats of the proposed policy and who the key decisionmakers will be. We then determine the messages and messengers we will need to engage to convince policymakers of our client’s case.

• Government Relations—In most of our public affairs markets we engage directly with government officials on behalf of our clients, educating them about our clients’ positions and demonstrating the political support our position enjoys. Our wholly-owned subsidiary – Ogilvy Government Relations – is one of the top ten lobbying firms in Washington with excellent relationships within the Obama Administration as well as with members of Congress from both parties.

• Influencer Mapping and Engagement—Through our proprietary IQ Mapping tool, we identify the most important influencers on a client’s issue, prioritize them, develop a tailored engagement strategy and track our progress over time. These influencers are critical in supporting our government relations efforts by demonstrating to policymakers the widespread support our client’s position enjoys.

• Digital Influence—We use all the tools of social media in our policy communications campaigns – from enlisting grassroots advocates on social networking sites to communicating with policymakers, influencers and journalists through Twitter.

• Media (Both Earned and Paid)—To demonstrate and validate the political support for our client’s issue, we create targeted earned media campaigns highlighting our client’s position in key national media outlets as well as local media targeted for their political importance. To amplify these messages we frequently create issue advertising campaigns that help bring an issue to life and demonstrate its relevance.

• Issues and Crisis Management—We help clients identify potential issues and put into place mitigation strategies before they become full blown crises. We also manage through crises, minimizing immediate and long-term damage, for clients who come to us after a volatile issue has erupted.

• Litigation Support—High profile litigation, regardless of the ultimate outcome, can affect a company’s reputation and its ability to influence public policy. We manage the communications environment surrounding litigation to ensure our client has the opportunity to shape balanced media coverage and policymaker perceptions.

• Corporate Positioning—A company or industry’s reputation is critical to their ability to avoid damaging public policy initiatives or take advantage of policy opportunities. We work with clients to build their reputations both among policymakers and among key influential communities.

• OgilvyEarth—The Global Public Affairs practice is the Ogilvy PR home of OgilvyEarth. While all Ogilvy PR practices and disciplines are involved in OgilvyEarth, many of our public affairs practitioners from around the globe have long histories working on sustainability for clients and government. It is this expertise that we bring to the burgeoning OgilvyEarth work.