Q&A with Jennifer Wayman - Social Change

Photo of Jennifer WaymanJennifer Wayman, MHS
Managing Director
Social Change
E-mail | 202-729-4161

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1. What is Ogilvy's greatest asset or edge in helping clients?

Ogilvy's greatest asset is applying insight, experience and creativity to forge answers that deliver results. Plus, we are great partners with whom to work. According to a survey of about 100 Ogilvy clients, some of our biggest strengths as partners are our dedication to their accounts, our understanding of their communications goals and their businesses, the strength of our strategic counsel, our willingness to voice opinions that sometimes contradict their own, and the quality of our program execution. We understand client needs, and we transform that understanding into great work that makes an impact.

2. What is your process for developing ideas for your clients?

The Social Change team applies a very systematic, research-based process to developing ideas for clients. That process is rooted in analyzing our client's objectives, developing deep insight into their target audiences, and conducting a careful environmental review of competing messages and initiatives. To the "cake" which is that analysis, we then add the "icing" which is the outcome of the creative process. In that process, we tap the always fertile minds of Ogilvy professionals who are exceptional in identifying creative, effective and efficient ways for reaching our target audiences, not only informing, but also motivating change in knowledge, attitudes and behaviors, and delivering against our client objectives.

Our goal is to spark creativity -- and strategic thinking -- in all of our people and in everything we do. The creative process is not a one-off meeting or brainstorming, although of course we do those. Rather, it is a way of thinking, where we constantly look for insights and answers to the proverbial question of how do we reach, equip and motivate our target audiences effectively.

3. What makes you proud about saying that you work for Ogilvy?

My colleagues and I take great pride in reflecting on the lives we have touched and helped -- on issues ranging from cancer, cardiovascular health, demensia and other neurological disorders, to traffic safety, emergency preparedness and pandemic readiness, to environmental stewardship and conservation.