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Sandra Saias
Managing Director, Strategy & Planning EAME
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If ever there was a consumer decision with plentiful choices and beyond-appealing options, it would have to be in the travel and tourism industry.

With an estimated $740 billion annual spending in the U.S. alone, consumers’ choices in destinations, transportation, lodging, attractions, and products and travel services have never been greater. The communications clutter is pervasive and everyone is ponying up for consumers’ loyalty. At the end of the day, if your product or service is not on the itinerary or in the suitcase, it’s waiting “standby,” a consideration for the next trip. What’s more, shifting trends, economic influences and word-of-mouth persuasion all impact the travel and tourism industry significantly more than others.

Ogilvy PR’s Travel and Economic Development team knows the travel world from the front door to a destination and back. Our global team of travel professionals works with airlines, car rental, rail and cruise lines; destinations and attractions; lodging providers; online travel planning and ticketing resources; and countries, visitor services and trade boards to help each differentiate their product or service to important decision makers.

We are successful because of our insight into the travel mindset, our relationships with influencers and media who sway these decisions, and flexibility to keep our clients relevant within trends capturing travelers’ attention. We also know the important backbone of the industry – travel agents, tour operators, corporate meeting planners and meetings and incentive providers – and work to address their unique needs. For trade development boards, we understand the investor and business landscape, the importance of promoting core industry areas and regularly demonstrate the ability to facilitate mutually beneficial business relationships for our clients.

True to Ogilvy PR’s 360 Degree communications perspective, we provide the full offering of services needed by travel and economic development clients: internal and external branding, consumer marketing, influencer engagement, media relations, event marketing, trade show support, economic development, business marketing, digital influence, public affairs, issues and crisis management. We are here to build, and protect, your travel brand. Going “standby” is no way to achieve success.