Upcoming Appearances

Mobile and Social Entertainment Summit at Digital Media Conference

Event Date: June 28, 2012

EVP, NY Head of Social@Ogilvy will present on the panel.

PANEL: What’s Next in Social Networking - Pinterest and other Emerging
Social Media Platforms

Fueled by the huge momentum behind social and mobile media, entertainment and advertising companies in 2012, the first annual Mobile & Social Entertainment Summit at DMCE, part of the CE Week in NYC, will focus on mobile and social content creation, distribution and monetization. What does it take to successfully launch media and entertainment content in a world where a growing percentage of people are reading, listening and watching content on smartphones, tablets and other connected devices? Packed with useful hands-on case studies and panels featuring leading digital media entrepreneurs and innovators, this one-day conference is a "must-attend" for anyone in the media and entertainment industry looking to learn the latest trends in mobile and social media and make useful business connections in times of major disruption in media consumption.