Product Marketing

A serious PR firm delivering straight ahead product publicity is like a big league pitcher throwing a fastball: it’s taken for granted that anyone worth their salt can do it. And no one can do it better than Ogilvy PR.

But where we really excel is in our ability to take a brand’s major story components – its products, services, people and “vibe” – and link them to the conversations, trends, and movements taking place on the cultural scene right now.

Ogilvy PR injects clients into the national discussion and onto the current playlist. We do this partly through our starving-dog tenacity, and partly by committing ourselves to soaking up everything related to pop culture, from politics and business to lifestyle trends, sports, used cars, blockbuster movies and sandcastle building. We read, watch, and listen – along with being active divers-in to our ever-writhing cultural mosh pit. We do all this to keep our ideas fresh, our attitudes upbeat, and our esprit de corps crackling with life.

We also do it to get results. Our efforts enable us to turn CEOs into industry leaders, lifestyle experts and media fixtures – not to mention the effect they have on increasing sales, product affinity and borderline-gushing brand advocacy.

All agencies talk about incorporating their clients into the social media mix, but to us, having a significant social media presence is as fundamental to doing business as having a checking account. We build social media into our work with clients from the first day so our campaigns will make sense not only in the moment but over time.

We also firmly believe that the immediate and near future will witness an explosion in the growth and importance of purpose branding – the efforts companies put forth on behalf of good causes. We are committed to helping clients incorporate purpose branding into their DNA not only because these initiatives are natural ways to score significant media play, but also because they happen to be the right thing to do.

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